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This 25 journal prompt page is to help you get into journaling for mental health.  The purpose of these prompts is to help start or continue your journey inward, fostering moments of self-connection and self-exploration.


Here's a sample joural routine:

Set aside 30 minutes for journaling.

1. For 5 minutes, sit in silence. Think about your body in the space. Slow, steady breaths. take this time to allow yourself to settle in.

2. For 20 minutes, respond to whichever prompt speaks to you. Feel free to be as creative as possible: draw, color, paint, write a song... whatever feels right.

3. For the final 5 minutes, read or look over your response, relax, and take time to talk with yourself about what you created.


Happy journaling!

25 Journaling Prompts for Self-Connection

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