Why I Decided to Freeform My Hair


It's almost a month since I decided to let my hair be free and people literally can't take it. Some people love it, some people absolutely hate it - and I have yet to encounter an inbetweener. My hair has sparked conversation after conversation - even my third graders had some words about Ms. H's wild hair and how they "just wanna see Ms. H's hair in a nice ponytail."

Honestly, that's not me. I've always gone against the grain when it came to hair. When my mama decided I was old enough to make my own hair choices, I went just as wild as my hair is today. I went from braids with white patches to shaving the sides of my hair to cutting my hair with kitchen scissors in my mama's bathroom as a senior in highschool. At the time, going natural wasn't the trend. It wasn't cute. It wasn't celebrated; but, me being me - I did the shit anyway. That was almost six years ago and I got restless with being the new normal. I loved my afro, but I knew it was time to move.

I'd been looking at locing my hair for years. In fact, I'd started my locs about 3 years ago using the coil method. As soon as they started to bud, or start to loc, I combed them out and rocked my afro for a couple more years. I looked at semi-freeforming (starting with two strand twists and just letting it go) and was never satisfied with the look. So, I did what every other self-acclaimed hair expert does - I turned to YouTube and Pinterest.

After spending weeks admiring freeform locs, I decided that this hair was for me. I took out my yarn braids on May 15, 2017, headed over to bae's house, and we washed my hair. Afterward, he rubbed oil and whipped shea butter through my hair and, since then, the only thing I have done to my hair is spray it with a water/tea tree oil/castor oil mix and rub some whipped shea through it.

Man, do I feel free. I absolutely ADORE my hair. It's just doing what I've been trying to do myself - just being itself. I refuse to comb my hair, overwash my hair, or use any products that are not natural to this earth.

Being a carefree black magician with my freeforms after my release party.

As an artist, it has become a part of the Aida Ade brand. I have had photoshoots, performances, appearances - all with wild, free hair. It's here to stay.

Peace & Love,

Aida Ade

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