The Best EP Release St. Louis Has Seen

I am probably the luckiest musician in St. Louis right now (and according to some people - the most BLESSED). Although I am brand new to the scene and didn't even have recorded music to show for myself until May 28, 2017, I have been able to perform and be chosen for some real high class show opportunities. One of these opportunities was to have my EP Release event at the beautiful Caribbean restaurant and lounge, Patois Eatery & Social Lounge. The lounge itself is beautiful. It hosts a huge, airy performance space with a blue, sort of puzzle pieces shaped stage off-centered and no more than a foot off the ground. Patois hosts a full kitchen, ready to serve some of the best Caribbean food St. Louis has to offer. I slipped some pictures of the venue and some of the food below (honestly words are failing me right now).

Photo cred: Yelp, just a photo of the inside of Patois

Dope, right?! So anyway. How did I get to land this space for the FREE to hold my VERY FIRST EP release?

About a month of so before, I participated in this amazing new festival called the Empowerment Festival which was hosted by Black On Black Love StL. While playing my three songs, I caught a lot of eyes. One set belongs to comedian Jameil Lee. Jameil really dug my music and got in touch with my manager and asked for me to perform at his comedy night (Love & Laughter - every last Sunday of the month. Come see us, people). So, with about four days to prepare, I graced the stage at Patois for the first time. Just myself and my dad (and a little help from the Love Jones Band here in St. Louis). I did a cover of the Fugees version of Killing Me Softly and then my own original song, Home. The crowd really enjoyed my performance and Jameil offered to host my EP release again, FOR THE FREE. Of course I said yes and the planning began (as a side note, planning this EP was SUPER stressful. It was the end of the school year - I'm a third grade teacher, too - and it was mass chaos). So, after selling tickets for one month and creating a fabulous tutu and having various lowkey panic attacks, my night came.

Man, that place was packed. There were WAY more people than I expected. My family was right in the front, getting relentlessly roasted by the comedians who opened up the show. When the comedians finished doing their thing, I got on stage and became another person. I was no longer Ms. H, the shy and timid 3rd grade teacher - I was Ms. Aida Ade, the super comfortable soul singer with the freeform locs and beat face. I really don't remember most of the performance. I usually block things from my memory that stress me out. I do remember lots of business opportunities popping up afterward, though.

I know you're probably tired of reading, but before you scroll down to check out photos of that night, there are some thanks in order to people who really made the night perfect.

Thank you so much Jameil, Tashauna (my manager), bae (he'll remain a mystery but he definitely helped to calm the nerves), my amazing family and friends who came to show love and bought those $15 and $20 tickets, my big brother for FaceTiming the entire show from Alaska, my producers, my band, Ryan Huegrich for featuring guitar in the songs on the EP, and all of the other musicians who really helped me to become Ms. Aida Ade. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for our brand.

Peace & Love,

Aida Ade

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