So, I quit my job. The awesome, salaried, great-benefits job. I quit. Wow. Okay. I think I'm okay with it?

This post is me venting. I finally took the leap of faith and quit my job. As a disclaimer - there were some events within my marriage that forced my to leave BUT at least it got me out of my rotation of following the dreams of everyone else and threw me back into what I have loved since before I can remember feeling love - music.

What got me here

So many pieces had to fall into place before I could get here. I have always dreamed of being a full-time musician. I was raised around musicians. I used to interview myself as if I were in a magazine. I saw myself on stages. I wrote songs. I went to camps. I played the instruments - even winning awards for violin and viola (even state competitions getting honorary ratings and mentions throughout high school). I mean I was on it. I was setting the foundation for what I knew for sure would be my career. But, something changed. As I approached college, I started to lose my passion for music. The dream that I'd held so near and dear to my heart was thrown into a pile of discarded dreams as my parents reminded me of my reality - I was going to college to get a degree that would make me some money.

So, I listened to my mom. I passed up multiple opportunities to attend conservatory (music school for super music nerds), performing arts programs, and other opportunities. So, I had to choose a major and I chose biomedical sciences. I was convinced that I would become a pediatric neurologist. I had the test scores and the ambition - or so I thought. About one semester into my college career, I let go of neurology because I refused to dissect a fresh-kill mouse (I love animals, dude). So, I floated. Going from French to music (I tried to reignite that spark of interest in classical music - and it didn't work) and finally ending up in education.

Education was something that I was comfortable studying. My mother is an educator; her brothers and sisters are all educators... it was fate, to me. So, one day while watching Kindergarten Cop, I went online and changed my major to early childhood.

This is where the sleepwalking began. I sleep-walked, comfortable, all the way through 4.5 years of university. Then, I started sleep-walking through my job as a public school teacher. Moving back to St. Louis and being inside the classroom really threw me into gear. I wasn't ready to live a life as a professional teacher. I wanted that taste of struggle when it came to promoting my music. I wanted to make those sacrifices again.

I honestly don't know what ignited my spark for music again but, I thank God for it every day.

Fast forward to May 2017, I dropped my first EP with the help of my manager, a producer who I high-key liked, and a host of other people.

Now, it's almost May 2018 and I'm already going full time with music. My first EP got me features with Aye Verb (arguably St. Louis' greatest battle rapper), a free music video, an amazing and committed band, and even out of country and out of state show opportunities. I've been blessed, y'all. Extremely.

As far as what actually got me into quitting my job - a run-in with the US government that I probably shouldn't discuss publicly. Just know that, it wasn't necessarily my choice to leave my job before the school-year ended. I was scared. I didn't know what would happen with my life. But, here I am... ready to say it...

My name is Aida Ade. and I am a full-time musician. O M G

So what now?

I have no idea. I pulled my escrow savings from work, bought a laptop, some studio equipment, and moved to Middle-of-Nowhere, Missouri (where my husband works). Actually, as I write this, I'm waiting for my expensive arse car repair so I can go down to my husband's new townhouse where I plan on building a studio, setting up a YouTube channel, and writing more blog posts. I just released my second Ep, and I'm R E A D Y.

I'm so scared, y'all. I'll be honest - I have no clue how this will work out for me or my husband or our 3 children (dog, cat, guinea pig) but, I'm hopeful.

My adventure is beginning. <3

- Aida

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